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What is the Feminist Mentorship Gap Project?

Like many women, I found traditional mentorship wasn't working for me. When I began working in PR/communications, there were no solid formal women's mentorship programs. The few mentorship programs that existed were heavily flawed. In one case, I landed in a mentor-mentee relationship that functioned more like a scene out of the movie Mean Girls.
Yet, when I looked at how mentorship functioned among my male peers I saw a distinct difference. Mentorship worked for them. Their mentors sponsored and championed them. If they were caught in unproductive mentorship models, the male mentees just left. They didn't spend time fretting over breaking off a professional relationship that wasn't working.
Over the years, I saw that mentorship was invaluable but women's mentorship was lacking something.  While I created my own mentorship network and personal mentorship program, many of my female peers were having difficulties doing this. Frankly, I thought this was an issue just in…