Shoes for June...Dress for Corporate Succcess but Expect a Wage Gap

These three inch high heels black leather pumps are designed to go with any woman's corporate ladder needs.

Often seen in HR cartoon drawings of what is appropriate office footwear. Or on covers of old 1980s and 1990s corporate "dress for success" manuals. Every woman embarking on a corporate career is expected to have a pair of these.

However, versatile in taking you from business to after business hours affairs I am not sure they've fulfilled their 1980s and 1990s goal for the women pictured climbing the ladder of success. Especially when according to the Conference Board of Canada, "gap in income between men and women in Canada is 21 per cent."

The Conference Board of Canada goes on to note, "women aged 25 to 29 employed on a full-time, full-year basis earned 85 cents for each dollar received by their male counterparts in 2005. Among women aged 50 to 54, the ratio amounted to just 72 cents."

More women are going to university and college but still earning less than the most mediocre male. Perhaps it's time to re-think the shoes!

Conference Board of Canada Gender Income Gap Information

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